Medical studies reveal that both men and women are equally affected by varicose veins, women especially more prone. When the veins present in the legs find it difficult to push the blood to the heart, then it leads to varicose veins. On the other hand, if the veins are not visible, then it’s an indication that there is no varicose veins problem. MYTHS & FACTS MYTH: Most people suffer from varicose veins problem. FACT: Not all, but around 50% of the people can face this problem at some stage in their lives. MYTH: Only surgery can treat Varicose Veins problem. FACT: Fact is that it all depends upon the nature of the patient’s problem. In some cases, it’s not required at all, while in other cases, it depends upon the patient’s condition. However, if the desire is to eradicate the whole problem, then minimal invasive intervention surgery is the best recommended option. MYTH: No purpose would be served by treating varicose veins for they will again reappear. FACT: Fact is that today’s advanced medical treatment technology can help treat even the most severe of varicose veins problem, from root, and eventually decrease the chances of its reoccurrence, bringing it down to a miniscule 3-5%. To dispel your notions about Varicose Veins and the treatments available, it’s advisable that you consult the best possible expert vascular surgeon and get the best possible advice on how to go about tackling your specific varicose veins problem.

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