Endo-Vascular Aneurysm Repair of AAA

Endovascular treatments are minimally invasive procedures that are done inside the blood vessels and can be used to treat vascular diseases.

An endovascular procedure is performed inside your artery using a thin, long tube called a catheter. Through a small puncture in the groin or in the arm, the catheter is then guided by the surgeon to the blocked area in the blood vessel.

From there, Dr. Bhavin Best Vascular surgeon in Hyderabad will perform an endovascular treatment, such as balloon angioplasty or stenting. In balloon angioplasty, the blocked artery is opened by pressing plaque against the vessel wall with a balloon inserted with a catheter. A stent or metal tube may also be placed in the artery following angioplasty to support the cleared vessel and keep it open.

Such endovascular approaches are having multiple advantages like:

  • Can be done under local anesthesia
  • Quick recovery & fast return to work
  • Less or no risk associated with anesthesia
  • Can be done for old patients who are not fit for surgery or anaesthesia

Critical carotid artery narrowing treated by carotid stenting

Endovascular treatments also are a good alternative for patients who have had prior open procedures and have been told that they have are too high a risk for another open procedure.


At our center, our first option is typically the least invasive, if at all possible.

Thigh artery (SFA) blockage removal by balloon angioplasty